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The period of Reform and Opening-up in China has set off big waves of social, economic, and cultural changes since 1978. This transformation, and especially the market reform, generated new perspectives for Chinese women who now could become active in business. 

The project is based on a thorough investigation and analysis of the historical and socio-political context of gender in China. The emergence of female entrepreneurs countered the traditional gender roles and stereotypes, it opened-up the male-dominated business world, and fundamentally altered the pattern of financial dependency of women in marriage relationships. 

Inspired by the imagery of female entrepreneurs who are breaking the norms, the design project revolves around the concept of ‘breaking’. The society often judges women based on simplified and traditional criteria such as age, marital status, children, etc. By breaking down these stereotypical notions, the design project aims to give a stage to the voices of authentic female entrepreneurs and share their thoughts, perceptions, and visions. Female entrepreneurs across different generations and industries were interviewed to record their life stories, career paths, and views. Through the lens of their experiences and struggles, the project also explores the changing social perception and self-perception of women in China and reflects on how the example of these female entrepreneurs could affect a future generation.

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