Comprehensive Installation

The daily life of contemporary society has evolved into a world of vast accumulations of luxury goods, and luxury goods have insensibly become some sort of necessity in our society. However, what consumers buy is not the use-value of the commodity but the fictitious symbol value. By deconstructing the overflowing symbol value attached to luxury goods and stripping away the packaging directly, this work aims to reveal the true nature of luxury goods and reflect the connection between fictional symbols and people's desires.

This projcet is composed of two parts: an exhibition and a publication.
The exhibition parts of work including
1) The main part of the work was a t120*120*262cm tower made of over 100 gray-white Moran stone bricks. The whole tower showed a trend of infinite rise and extension. The surface of each brick was laser-engraved with fictitious symbols related to the theme.
2) The second part of the work was a set of plaster models of luxury goods. I deconstructed the symbolic value attached to the luxury goods and visually stripped away the packaging, so what remains was the most essential form of the product. The pure white color of the plaster models also reflected this essentiality.
3) The third part of the work was a set of LED light strips inlaid on the wall, rolling out the reflections and criticisms of consumerism and illusion in classical literature.

The book containing the relevant symbols and images designed in the entire piece of work to document this composition and facilitate dissemination.

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